Sneak Preview: Thinking with the Church

Listen to “2016 16 12 TWTC SNEAK PREVIEW” on Spreaker.

This is a sneak preview of Thinking with the Church, featuring extended conversations with the fundamental theologian, Prof. Nicolas Steeves SJ of the Pontifical Gregorian University, and the philosopher, Fr. Philip Larrey, Professor of Logic at the Pontifical Lateran University. Hosted by Christopher Altieri.

Prof. Steeves is author most recently of Grâce à l’imagination : Intégrer l’imagination en théologie fondamentale464pp., Cerf, 2016

Prof. Larrey is the author most recently of Connected World: Talking About the Future With Those Who are Shaping it (Penguin, March 2017)  and Futuro ignoto. Conversazioni sulla nuova era digitale, 304pp. If Books, 2014

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